Sunday, March 22, 2015

Warren Football Awards Announced

2014 Cecil Kemp Award - Offense:  Adam Nolan and Wesley Cornish

2014 Cecil Kemp Award - Defense:  Aaron Church and LaFoy Smith

2014 Wayne Wisener Award - Offense:  Darveon Brown

2014 Wayne Wisener Award - Defense:  Calyx Harris

2014 P.H. Herring Award - Offense:  J'Kyron Hines and Terrez Hampton

2014 P.H. Herring Award - Defense:  Trent Broughton and Peyton Hargis

2014 Most Improved Award - Offense:  Austin Emanuel and Desmond Ellis

2014 Most Improved Award - Defense:  Patrick Smith and Marquis Moore

2014 Most Total Yards:  Justin Gorman

2014 Most Receiving Yards:  Jaylon Marshall

2014 Special Teams Award:  Kevin Cortes

2014 Most Tackles Award:  D'Angelo McCoy

2014 Lumberjack Award:  Kilay Cox

2014 8AAAA All-Conference Offense:  Terrez Hampton, Kilay Cox, Darveon Brown, Justin Gorman,  Franklin Gilmore, Jaylon Marshall, Adam Nolan, Wesley Cornish, J'Kyron Hines, and Austin Emanuel

2014 8AAAA All-Conference Defense:  Peyton Hargis, Patrick Smith, Trent Broughton, Kalyx Harris, D'Angelo McCoy, Aaron Church, and Lafoy Smith

2014 2 Yr. Lettermen:  Ardarius Harding, Peyton Hargis, Franklin Gilmore, Hayden Lassiter, Desmond Ellis, Marquis Moore, and Patrick Smith

2014 3 Yr. Lettermen:  D'Angelo McCoy

2014 AAAA All-State:  Aaron Church, Kilay Cox, and Jaylon Marshall

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