Thursday, March 31, 2016

Update On Turf Project, Plus How To Donate

The Warren High School New Turf Field and Track Renovation project is off to a great start, and the community support for the Warren Schools Foundation has been tremendous!  “We have seen numerous businesses step up and contribute to this exciting project that will mean so much to all of our kids” says Bobby Acklin, Superintendent.  Bo Hembree and a group of Boosters have been meeting with the local businesses as well as individual boosters, and the response has been excellent and very enthusiastic.  Bo remarks, “Our community is very supportive of this project, and they understand the positive results of us having a top notch facility for all of our student athletes, band, and youth/community programs.”  “We are well over halfway towards our goal of a million dollars, and expect to meet it in the next few weeks”  “Families are getting on Board, as there are levels for everyone, and we will be more than happy to meet with anyone interested and go over the Campaign packet and project with them.”  “We plan to break ground at the end of May, and complete the project by early August.”  All supporters are encouraged to participate at whatever level makes sense for them.  You can pull the information down from this website, or call to request a visit from someone with the fundraising committee of the Education Foundation.  For more information call: 870-226-6738 and we will have someone contact you.

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