Friday, April 15, 2016

Dollarway Forfeits Game to Lady Jacks

Lady Jacks played Dumas at Dumas on Tuesday April 12. Dumas won with the score of 11-1. Shakeria Stovall stole 3 bases and attempted 4. Shakeria Stovall was 2-3 at bat hitting 2 singles on bunts. Dumas pitcher J. Watson had 8 strikeouts. E. Henry was Dumas was 2-3 at bat hitting a double and a single. Lady Jacks are now 1-8 in conference and 1-11 overall.

Lady Jacks were scheduled to play Dollarway Thursday, but Dollarway forfeited.  Lady Jacks are now 2-8 in conference and 2-11 overall. Lady Jacks are scheduled to play Star City Tuesday April 19 in Warren.

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