Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rounding Out Lady Jacks Softball Report

Lady Jacks played Monticello Friday April 22. Monticello won with the score of 23-0.
Adalean Witt of Monticello had 7 strikeouts. Raleigh Jackson of Monticello was 5-5 at bat hitting 4 singles and a double.

Lady Jacks played Hermitage on April 25. Hermitage won with a score of 16-3.  Kaylee Mann of Warren was 2-3 at bat hitting 2 singles. Shamiqua Pickett, Jordan Jones, and Jordyn Rose were 2-3 at bat, hitting 4 singles and 2 doubles between them. C. Marshall of Hermitage hit a grandslam and Radesha Marshall was 2-4 at bat hitting a home run.

Lady Jacks played Crossett Tuesday April 26. Crossett won with a score of 18-0.  B. Carson of Crossett was 3-4 at bat hitting 2 singles and a double. A. Barnett of Crossett was 3-4 at bat hitting 2 triples and a double.

Lady Jacks are now 2-10 in conference and 2-14 overall. Lady Jacks are scheduled to play the make-up game against Star City today at Star City and Thursday April 28 playing Hamburg for senior night.

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