Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cheerleaders are Real Leaders

The cheerleaders are leaders on the field and off the field.
Senior Kaylee Jo Mann greets a youngster at Eastside Friday morning.
Cheerleaders are looked up to by many youngsters.  At Warren High School, the Lumberjack cheerleaders recognize this and are working to help the Eastside New Vision and Brunson New Vision Charter School students feel more comfortable and special.  Each Friday morning, the squad
Co-captains Reese and Blaine Morman welcome
children at Eastside Friday morning.
divides up and greets the children as they arrive at their schools.  High fives and good mornings all around mixed with friendly smiles of the cheerleaders lifts the spirits and self-esteem of the children. Having someone you look up to take time out of their day to meet you at the schoolhouse door makes the children feel special.

The cheerleaders may begin their day greeting the younger children, but they are busy young ladies all week.  They practice often, paint bootprints, decorate ball player locker doors, make signs for spirit boosters, and plan and conduct pep assemblies for all home games.  They hand out snacks to the ball players on game days.
Krista Sparks raises the spirits higher with one of those amazing stunts.

When the lights come on at Jim Hurley, Jr. Stadium, the Lumberjack cheerleaders spring into action revving up the crowd of fans to "come to the spirit line."  They build pyramids and perform stunts that require great skill. They lead the fans in cheering on the team and perform routines at halftime.  When the game is done, the cheerleaders continue their role as ambassadors for the school as they, like the ball players, greet the opposing team on the field in good sportsmanship.

The squad is under the sponsorship of Joanna Young.
Everyone stands in amazement at the skill of this squad.

Alexis Dunaway really flips for her team!

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