Saturday, November 5, 2016

Community Support and School Organization Makes Experience at Stadium Great

An Editorial

Throughout the fall, Lumberjack football is supported by so many:   cheerleaders, the Lumberjack band, JROTC, fans, parents, the administration, and the COMMUNITY.

Each week churches or local restaurants voluntarily feed the team on Friday's early, before the game. This allows Coach Hembree to keep his team in together, safe, and focused in the multipurpose facility all afternoon.  If you haven't been a part of one of these "feeds" then you have missed a real treat.  I can personally say that each and every ball player, coach, and others involved in the program never neglect to say thank you to the weekly providers.  They exhibit the utmost manners.  It is probably some of the best training in gratitude and manners Warren High School students receive.

After the game, the booster club always has organized something for the famished athletes and others involved to eat.

The games at Warren begin with a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes voluntarily praying.

WPD Sgt. Thomas Miller and Officer Michael Sharp
 keep a careful  eye on the crowd.

Another kudos should be given to the Warren School District and the community in regard to the hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining a safe environment at the stadium.  If you have noticed, administrators in the Warren School District, from Eastside, Brunson, Middle School, and High School are on duty around the stadium at every home game to ensure safety and good behavior of the Warren students and crowd.  In addition, to ensure peace, local law enforcement is always on hand.  The presence of the Warren Police Department and the Bradley County Sheriff's Department speaks volumes.  They never sit...they stand, even during
WPD Officer Anthony Gallegos, patrols the stadium
wearing one of the body cameras provided to the
entire police force.
the very long Hamburg game.  It is nice to be supported by our local law enforcement.

We can't forget the presence of EASI Ambulance Service.  Whether they are there ready to assist with an injured player or a fan who finds himself/herself in need, makes no difference.  They are there and very professional.

Band parents work that concession stand with gusto every home game.  And, again, personally speaking, they run a top-notch operation.  The food is good, the menu selection is wide, and the service is great.  We have been to other stadiums where the announcer at the game has made several calls, "More volunteers are needed at the concession stand."  Warren band parents are organized and dedicated.  They deserve a real hand of appreciation.

And doesn't the field look great thanks to the DONATIONS from this community.

I almost didn't write this editorial out of fear of leaving someone out.  However, I decided that I would rather risk that than to ignore that Warren has something special in its community.
Always remember, the great experience you have at Jim Hurley, Jr. Stadium doesn't just happen.  It is due to the work of many from the school and the community.  They deserve our appreciation.

When the Lumberjack Band performs at half-time, most fans never think about the band parents who are NOT getting to watch the outstanding show.  Those parents are busy working in the concession stand.

Flag lines don't just miraculously perform at such perfection without the support of others who voluntarily work with them beginning in the summer heat!

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