Thursday, December 15, 2016

What A Season For Lumberjacks!

Throughout the 100 year plus history of the Warren Lumberjack football program, there have been many outstanding teams and great individual players.  Many championship and successful seasons have been enjoyed.  The 2016 Lumberjacks have to rate among the best.  Consider a 15-0 record and a fourth state title since 2001.  It was a remarkable year for the team and for a number of individual players.  It can be truthfully stated that every member contributed to the teams success.  It was a total team effort.

Let's look at some statistics for 2016:
Warren ran the ball 441 times for 3,727 yards for an average of 8.8 yards per play.
The Jacks threw 297 times for 3,521 yards for an average of 11.6 yards per play.
Warren averaged 245 yards a game running and almost 237 yards per game passing.  Great balance.

The Lumberjacks scored 43.4 points per game and 57% of their drives ended in points scored.

The defense was also outstanding.  Opponents scored only 21.9 points per game.

Individually the players were beyond outstanding:
Dennis Daniels ran 213 times for 1,785 yards and 21 TDs.
Hayden Lassiter ran 145 times for 1,120 yards and 18 TDs.
Byron Person ran 56 times for 497 yards and 4 TDs, he also lead the team in tackles.
Others contributing to the running game were-Vincent Stepps, J'Malachi Kinnard, Damarcus Gilbert, DeShawn Jackson, Logan Mann, Braden hargis, Keemontrae  McKnight and Carrington Gilbert.

Passing was of championship caliber;
Hayden Lassiter threw 288 times, completed 181 for 3,409 yarda and 38 touchdowns.  His completion rate was 61.9%.  The average completion was 18.7 per throw.

A variety of receivers contributed:
Treylon Burks lead the way with 57 catches for 1,354 yards and 17 touchdowns.
Braden hargis had 44 receptions for 729 yards and 4 TDs.
Keemontrae McKnight had 44 catches for 781 yards and 12 TDs.
Dennis Daniels had 16 receptions for 271 yards and one TD.
J' Malachi Kinnard had 7 catches for 88 yards and three touchdowns.
Others making receptions were Braden Curry, DeShawn Jackson, Cade Reep, Mastin Frazer, Vincent Stepps, Josh Merales and Hayden Lassiter.

It should be noted that the Jacks produced an outstanding kicking game.  Sergio Yepes kicked 79 out of 86 extra points successfully.  He made 4 out of 4 field goal attempts, with the longest being 38 yards.  He also did a fine job with kickoffs.  Hayden Lassiter punted 22 times for an average of 40.4 per kick.

It is sometimes stated that statistics are for losers, but most of the time those who produce the most win.  In the case of the 2016 Warren Lumberjacks, they had the statistics and they secured the wins and the championships of conference 84A and class AAAA.  Job well done!

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