Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Editorial, Lumberjack Football

We are now a little over a week removed from the heartbreaking loss in the 2017 4A Championship football game.  The Lumberjacks fell short by one point in their attempt to win Warren's fifth state championship.  Losing always hurts.  It should not be easy, but the way this game ended makes it hard to take.  The kids ( team ) had a real chance to win, a reasonable chance, and it was taken from them.  Part of the benefit of sports is that it teaches how to handle victory and it teaches how to handle defeat.  That is one reason athletics is so important.  The 2017 team has learned a difficult lesson about rules and fairness, and the team as a whole and the individual members will be better and stronger in their future lives and careers.  This team also knows how to win and that will benefit them as well.

It should not be forgotton that the 2017 Warren Lumberjack Football Team is a championship team.  We all recognize that in the community of Warren, and based upon the many phone calls and conversations we have had with people from all over Arkansas and beyond, a lot of other people realize the same thing.  These young men and coaches need to know that we understand what they accomplished and appreciate their hard work, dedication and contributions to Warren High School, the School District and the entire community.  They have represented us well and given us more positive publicity that could ever be paid for.

It has been previously stated on this website that we are living in the glory days of Lumberjack Football and that as fans we are watching greatness.  During the over 100 years of Lumberjack football, there have been many great teams and a large number of great players.  Many of us can go back to the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and recall success on the gridiron.  There were outstanding teams and players even prior to those decades.  In fact, under the modern playoff rules, a number of those teams would have made the playoffs and might have competed on a high level.  The past eighteen years has seen the success carried to a new level.  Fifteen conference championships, four state titles and seven state championship games.  It is a remarkable achievement and has set a high bar of excellence.  The accomplishments have shown our community that we can win.  We ought to remember that!  The coaches and players have demonstrated how to be champions.  I can't wait to watch in 2018.  I think it will be worth being  a part of it once again.

To the 2017 Warren Football Team, coaches and all that played a role in the season, and to all the faithful fans, congratulations on a championship season!  To the seniors, thank you and best of luck in the future, and to those returning, great job and remember how you got there!  We look forward to 2018 and beyond.

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