Monday, February 5, 2018

Former Lumberjacks Watching Basketball

On hand last Friday night for the Warren/Monticello basketball game was former Lumberjack football great Tommy Larance.  The crowd was so large Mr. Larance ended up sitting on the end of the visiting Monticello bench for most of the senior girls and boys games.  He spent a good deal of the girls game talking to the Monticello boys coach.  During the boys game he ended up sitting for a while with current Lumberjack assistant football and assistant baseball coach, and former outstanding Lumberjack player himself, Robert Cuthbertson.

SRC caught the two on camera.  Thought it was an interesting shot.  Both were obviously pulling for the Lumberjacks.  In his early years of coaching, Tommy Larance coached in Monticello for a period of time.  He was an outstanding player for Micky O'Quinn and later for Red Parker at Arkansas A & M, now UAM.  Larance went on to play for the Arkansas Diamonds, a pro team from Arkansas, went into coaching and later insurance.  He is considered one of the greatest running backs in Lumberjack history.

Robert Cuthbertson too was an outstanding player of the Lumberjacks.  He came back to Warren to teach and coach.  Mr. Cuthbertson was head coach of the 2005 State Championship Lumberjack Baseball team and has served on Coach Bo Hembree's staff during the unprecedented  period of winning conference and state titles.

Both guys are Lumberjacks through and through.

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