Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Band Shows Outstanding Sportsmanship

Last Friday night during halftime of Round Two of the State 4-A Football Playoffs held at Jim Hurley Jr. Stadium, fans were treated to a real act of sportsmanship as the Warren Lumberjack Band and the Stuttgart Band joined together and played for the crowd.

All season long, the Lumberjack Band has entertained the fans at halftime and boosted morale with their peppy tunes throughout the games.  During the first half of the season, they executed a show which paid tribute to the theme songs of television law enforcement shows.  At the end of the season, they changed their program and have been providing lively music for the fans.

All smiles ...
If you have seen the band's performance, it can not go without notice the precision work of the flag line.  As an editor's note, I am amazed by their ability to execute routines with such precision.  As an athlete, I was never exposed to the band at halftime.  Now that I have been covering the halftime shows on Lumberjack Live, I have a new appreciation for their talents.  It is obvious that hours and hours of time and effort have gone into these shows.  Even more, if you pass by the band stand at anytime during the games, you will see the happiest faces in Lumberjack Land!  They are always upbeat and cheering on their Jacks.  If you can, come out and see this group.  It will be a treat.  If you can't, we always show they at halftime during the games on the nfhs Lumberjack Live show.

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