Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lumberjack Boys Track Team Has Successful Year

The Warren Lumberjack Senior Track Team has completed a successful year.  Twelve student athletes took part.  The Sr, team finished second in the Class 4A meet in the 4 x 100 relay.  The team ran the relay in 43.58 seconds.  The team consisted of Keemontraee McKnight, Dennis Daniels, Braden Hargis, Byron Person and Treylon Burks.  Burks played baseball and was unable to run in every meet.  In the 84A District meet, Warren finished 5th and 6th in the shot.  Wallace Smith and Gaige Watson competed in the shot.

The Jr. Jack Traqck Team had 15 members and improved throughout the year.  At the conclusion of the Jr. High season, Ja'Marcas Hines and Josh McClain were moved up to the Sr. Team to compete.

The following students took part in track during the 2017 season:
High School
Mastin Frazer, 10th grade, high jump, 400 dash
J'Malachi Kinnard, 10th grade, long jump
Richard Stricklan, 10th grade, 800 run, 1600 run
Braden Hargis, 10th grade, 4X100, 200 dash
Byron Person, 12th grade, 4x100, long jump
Dennis Daniels, 12th grade, 4x100, 100 dash, 200 dash
Keemontraee McKnight, 10th grade, 4x100, 100 dash
Demarcus Gilbert, 10th grade, 400 dash
Gaige Watson, 12th grade, shot
Devonata Brown, 12th, discus
Wallis Smith, 11th grade, shot
Treylon Burks, 10th grade, 4x100

Jr. High School
Joe Brown, 8th grade, 4x100, 400 dash, 4x400
Clay Barnes,8th grade, 4x800, 4x400
Weston Hembree, 8th grade, 200 dash, 400 dash, 4x100
Storm Gorman, 8th grade, 4x800, 800run
Marquavious York, 8th grade, 100 dash, 4x100
Tresean Lawson, 8th grade, 100 dash, 200 dash
Ja'Marcas Hines, 9th grade, 4x800, 4x400
Darius Palmer, 9th grade, 800 run, 1600 run
Elijah Strong, 9th grade, 800 run, 1600 run
Josh McClain, 9th grade, 4x800, 4x400
Jahiem Avery, 9th grade, shot
Timothy Philips, 9th grade, 100 dash, 4x100
J.J. Hampton, 9th grade, shot
Travon Duncan, 9th grade, shot
Vincent Stepps, 9th grade, 100 dash, 200 dash

The track teams were coached by Tyler Kell and assisted by Doug Spencer.

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